Tampere United win the cup

That about covers it. On penalties, very small crowd, no broadband for journalists, and played in a crappy stadium. Considering Finnair Stadium’s raison d’etre is to provide somewhere for the big domestic games and unnatractive national team matches, the majority of both being played at the end of the season, it has some astonishing design flaws. I’ll edit this post with pictures tomorrow to show what I mean, but for now I’m very happy that I can take my gloves off, use the internet and watch the new version of The Italian Job which is surely going to make me angry.

Well done to Tampere, particularly Mikko Kaven and Miki Sipiläinen. Sipiläinen came on as the last throw of the dice, and damn near won the game single handedly. As it was Honka brought things back to 3-3 and it was left to penalties, which have been no lottery for Tampere United this season. They’ll need their new signings to bed in quickly if they’re to maintain this season’s dominance, if the expected departues materialise.

I’ve just seen this story, which makes a mockery of my moaning and whining about the cold. When a policeman was killed in a riot, an entire round of games was cancelled and draconian new laws were brought in to try and encourage the ‘English model’. When a fan is shot by police, while sitting in his car at a motorway service station, they have a ten minute delay and wear black armbands. Italian fans are very angry today, and rightly so.

I quite often complain about the organisation and administration of football here, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as in Italy. What on earth possessed them to try and play the games today?


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  1. they were foolish to act so slowly, but it does appear that italy’s set to make some reforms:


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