Alexei Eremenko Jr beaten up, misses qualifiers

Not much to add to the title really. SPL sources don’t know much more than that he was ‘battered’, and he’s unavailable for the games against Azerbaijan and Portugal. Get well soon Alexei, you have provided rich material for us at FiF and have been the most consistently productive striker in the Finland squad recently. Hope to see you in the Alps.

As for next week, Forsell and Litmanen are fit, which is a massive boost, so long as they stay healthy. Cross your fingers.


6 Responses

  1. You know that not everybody thinks that a fit Litmanen taking up somebody else’s spot in the 11 helps the team, don’t you. Same goes for Forsell, too, but maybe not as strongly.

  2. If you look at my previous posts, you’ll see that I am quite Jari-sceptic myself. No point in being negative though – if he’s not limping he’ll play, whether he’s in-form or not.

  3. Certain critics have always been on Jari’s case. If Jari’s past it, how come he’s our qualifying campaign’s leading scorer and would you really drop Litmanen now, after three dire 0-0 results?

    Even at 36 his still a very important piece of the puzzle, & even more so now after some wankers hospitalised Junior.

  4. Absolutely, he was instrumental in Poland, against portugal and in Kazakhstan. But I think over-reliance on his game-changing powers cost Finland in the Serbia game, and that psychological dependency might end up costing Finland qualification.

  5. I’m thinking his comeback may result in provoking quite the opposite reaction.. but opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got one.

  6. I think he’ll be crucial. But Finland can win without him, and playing him when half fit is counter-productive and can’t fill the rest of the side with confidence.

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