Finland draw Azerbaijan again

Let’s hope they don’t mess that one up, because the rest of the draw for World Cup 2010 Qualifying looks difficult:

Germany, Russia, Finland, Wales, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein

Wales are quite poor but can’t be as bad again as they were this time (and their under-21s had a hell of a result against France recently). It looks to be between Russia and Germany for the top two spots, and Finland will need some big performances to get between them.

According to this, Hodgson wants the Ireland job. Unsurprising really, as Finland need rebuilding and he’ll find it tough to match the performances he got this time without the senior players.


7 Responses

  1. Seems definitely easier than our recent qualification group, to me.

  2. So, welcome to Germany. 😉

  3. In terms of the other teams, yes. But with Hodgson flashing skirt at every FA in Europe, Litmanen and Hyypiä ‘deciding over the winter’, and replacements that are for the most part completely untested, it’ll be very difficult to hit the ground running.

    Vielen dank, Jan, Ich kommer.

  4. Guess there won’t be any games in Frankfurt in the next years after Frankfurts audience was insulting its own national team playing Wales 0:0 and singing Eintracht Frankfurt songs.

  5. Don’t you go underestimating the Welsh now! We may be crap but we took four points off the Fins the last time we met 😉

  6. … on a serious note, though. As an outsider, it seems to me that Finland are in exactly the same position we were post Euro2004 qualifiers.
    With senior players taking us within a whisker of qualification all retiring together we were left to rebuild under a new (unpopular) manager.
    However, that manager’s promotion of youth over experience is now beginning to pay off – see not only our U21s but our u17s too!

  7. I think that’s exactly the situation Finland are in. The Under 21s have started their 2009 group very well, and petrescu, hetemaj and sparv look ready for the senior squad at least, if not team, so we’ll see what happens. I dread to think who the new coach will be, though.

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