KTP end of season 2005

n kauden päätös 2005

This picture was taken by erno, and arrived here via the Finnish football pool on flickr

I like KTP. They’re a small but friendly club, and they always take a good away following wherever they play. One of the themes I keep returning to is the atmosphere at football games here, as it is often quite strange: families, youth squads and VIPs seem to outnumber normal fans in a lot of places.Kotka is not one of those places. It is a port city, without a top flight hockey team. In the winter people watch or play basketball and in the summer they concentrate on the football. Their home crowds are vocal and sizeable, without the freebies and corporates that tend to pad things out at other Finnish clubs.

I like this picture because it shows that at least in some places in Finland there is a football culture, one that isn’t based oin watching games in a bar. KTP had finished 8th in 2005, exactly mid-table, and had little to shout about really. But still the players went over to the fans and thanked them for their support. This might seem trivial to some, but it’s not to be taken for granted in Finland.

The ground is obviously a football stadium too, which counts in its favour. Small stands round three sides improve the atmosphere and are exactly appropriate for a club like KTP. The Arto Tulsa Areena is named after probably their greatest player, and it is one of the best places to watch football in Finland.

Thanks to erno for the picture, which arrived here via the Finnish football photo pool on flickr. I hope to do many more posts like this, so please add your Finnish football pictures to the group. It has the potential to be a great resource.


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