Mixu Pääteläinen goes to Hibernian

Well there’s a turn-up. He’s got himself a four and a half year contract, which probably played a big role in his decision, but it’s hard to see what he can do there. John Collins left because of a lack of funds, and the Old Firm will always dominate Scottish football: Mixu can finish a creditable third and have a little run in Europe, but no more. At TPS he would have had the biggest budget in the league and every chance of cementing some kind of dominance. Hibs is more of a poisoned chalice, but then a long contract offers a lot of security at British manager’s wages.

This leaves a vacancy at TPS, and Keith Armstrong is out of work. That’s probably that, although other contenders include Martti Kuusela, Pasi Rautiainen and (whisper it) Harri Kampman. Kampman would cost a lot in wages, but the wouldn’t be a problem for Tepsi. He is something akin to the Harry Redknapp of Finnish football, sometimes making inexplicable signings of dubious benefit to his club and sometimes pulling rabbits out of hats.

I hope they get a decent manager in though, TPS are vital to Finnish football. A well funded club playing in a great stadium should be successful: and if they fail, what hope is there for everyone else?

Further transfer news is that Roman Eeremenko will stay at Udinese, according to Jakobstads Tidning. Gazetta dello Sport had reported that he’d be loaned to Ravenna, but that isn’t a goer according to Eremenko pere.

EDIT-a big thanks  to all the people who pointed out to me that Mixu’s move might not be entirely career or money related, as his wife and three children still live in Scotland.


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