Ville Lehtinen, comeback king

Former Pori Jazz, Tampere United, Ac Oulu (and many more) striker Ville Lehtinen is going to be on TV tonight. Ville has found a new career as his footballing days draw to a close, and he will be singing on TV2’s Tartu programme tonight at 9pm.

If it’s the programme I think it is, it is derived from one of Channel 5’s more watchable early efforts, which was fronted by Suggs and used Z list celebrities to sing karaoke. It often seems as though all TV in the world is derived from the UK. The Finnish version has stepped it up a gear, and Lehtinen’s appearance is obviously a call to arms against the ‘Barry from Eastenders’ celebrity culture: only the best will do for Tartu.

Recommended viewing.


2 Responses

  1. Tartu mikkiin is the complete name. Grab the mic.

  2. Aah, I see. Given the format, I thought it was some kind of reference to Estonian stag and hen nights.

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