Mehmet Hetemaj signs for Panionos

Well that’s about it really. A three and a half year contract with a middling team, he’s the younger brother of Perparim who is currently at AEK, who are top of the league at the moment. If they can stay there and break the dominance of Olympiakos, that’ll be some achievement.

As for Mehmet, well. If HJK had all these great players last year (Sorsa, Savolainen, Hetemaj), why were they so rubbish? I didn’t see much of him but he looked skillful and lightweight. If he’s lightweight under Finnish tackling conditions, God knows what he’ll be like abroad. He will at least learn how to dive properly.

In other news, the world of Tampere football has become slightly more integrated. TPV have signed a contract to be Tampere United’s farm club, which now leaves no senior team without a link of some kind with Tamu. I’ll post more on this later in the week, it is quite intriguing really.


2 Responses

  1. In an interview somewhere Mehmet told Panionos are looking for him to play as a centerback. Guess they have somewhat different approach to the game and the qualities needed for that position then.

  2. I’ll gladly take the 100.000 euros the Greeks are said to have paid for him. I don’t think he would have been more than a bit player anyway at “Klubi”.

    HJK’s squad for the next season looks quite decent at the moment, I would like to see us sign a forward or two though..

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