Finnish midfielders have a busy week, and RoPs get some good news

This was originally a post about Juska Savolainen and Teemu Tainio both having a good week, but then I had a look at Ilta Sanomat and saw that RoPs have got their licence for next season!!

This is very surprising. Jan Walden put the likelihood at less then 5% not so long ago, and it did rather seem as if their hard work on the field would go to waste. As it is, they will have to improve the floodlights by the 24th of August or face a €75,000 fine. The media facilities, spectators toilets and first aid facilities will have to be upgraded by the 30th of April or they will pay €20,000.

I do not know enough about the costs of floodlights or what needs doing to the changing rooms, press box, first aid room and toilets to judge what those fines actually mean. Is it cheaper to pay the fines than to make the upgrades? Would they risk that, if in July it looked like they were going down? I am mighty tempted to head on up to Rovaniemi to see their first game.

This is the midfield-based post I did before I heard about RoPs:

Juande Ramos had a good root round the training ground this week, and noticed there was a mild mannered midfielder he hadn’t seen before. Striding out from behind Tom Huddlestone’s belly, Teemu Tainio played his first game in 47 years and bossed the midfield by all accounts. Who knows what that means, whether Ramos will keep him or not, but at least he’s now looking at better options than Middlesborough (who he turned down because it’s such a godawful, depressing shitheap of a town and he prefers to live in Essex).

Juska Savolainen’s winter break in Grand Canaria paid off for him. He impressed Rosenborg so much they offered him a contract until 2009, with the Känelmäki raised, HJK trained dynamo saying that if he returns to Finland TamU are his first choice. Transfers like this do rather piss on the chips of TamU’s claim to be the best club in the Nordic countries, as he is vital to TamU but will start at RBK as a fringe player. The fee is rumoured to be around €350,000, which ain’t much. We await confirmation of that though.


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  1. Hi! Nice site, it’s good to have all the football news in one place. You should register your blog to as well to get more readers and make it easier for me to see if there are any updates. 🙂

  2. Floodlights cost 200-300 000 euros and RoPS is not the one building them – city of Rovaniemi is. The city council has already made the decision to build the lights so there should not be a problem there. And I suppose all those other small improvements are gonna be fine for Ginikaarti and others to visit.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Hese, blogilista looks like an interesting site.

    Jouni: Fair enough, it’s good to see they’re finally moving in the right direction. I do wonder why it took this long though, it surely has to be in Rovaniemi’s interest to have a facility for outdoor football? I suppose Lapland municipalities are a bit skint these days, though.

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