Is Perparim Hetemaj a ‘titcheek’?

I’ve been following the best traditions of Finnish football journalism recently, and getting all my stories from It’s an interesting site, with lots of people who find information about obscure footballers and post it there. I would post some interesting treatise on the demise of traditional media in the face of de-centralised information sources that can offer a broader and deeper range of information than those traditional entities can ever hope to, but instead I am for now going to concentrate on whether Perpa is indeed a ‘titcheek’, as Peter Palotas suggested in this thread.
‘Tissiposki’ is the word, and one I now have engraved in my brain for it’s pleasingly infantile sound. The reason for the accusation of titcheekery is Hetemaj’s declaration that he doesn’t want to play against Scotland for the Under 21s. Hetemaj, you may remember, was badly injured on his last trip to Scotland, when Kevin Thomson broke his leg in a B international.
I think ‘titcheek’ is a harsh, if hilarious way to describe him, but he’s got to be worried about his reputation for being soft now, hasn’t he? Next time he plays against any British team he’s going to be kicked from pillar to post. Best get back on the horse, Perpa, and show them you can’t be rattled.

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