A risk-free alternative

I’m just going to link to a couple of articles from Helsingin Sanomat before I head off to Germany to support Bochum against Werder Bremen. I’ll be sure to pass on Nokia’s kindest regards, don’t you worry.

First up is Erkka V Lehtola’s take on the Baxter appointment. It’s a good read, and hints at some unease over the emphasis placed on the old fellas and what they thought of the appointment.

Then there is a piece on the return of natural grass to Finnair Stadium. This is a great move, but it will probably die quite quickly. A few renovations are being made to Finnish stadia for the 2009 women’s European Championships, ranging from the silly (grass in Töölö, more seats at ratina) to the excellent and necessary (end stands at Veritas Stadium in Turku). I’ll try to write something on these soon.


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