The end of winter?

This winter in Finland has been such a miserable series of crappy weather events that I have begun to wonder what the future holds. Is the entire country going to revert to impenetrable swampland? Will I ever be able to walk on the Baltic sea? Will we be condemned to 6 months of grey slushy crap in future years?

I just read Uli Hesse Lichtenberger’s piece on the German winter break, which seemed particularly pointless this year. For 6 weeks there was no snow or sub zero weather, players lost their match fitness, and there were lots of silly indoor tournaments. Then, just as the Bundesliga season got back underway, large parts of the country were blanketed in snow.

Did it stop the football? Of course not. This is a serious business, and the snow was cleared and fans got to the games regardless. So why have a winter break?

This is something Finland is going to have to look at in the near future. At present the season is condensed into a period running from late April until late October, with a month long break for a major tournament every second year. This means that teams can have long periods without games and then start playing two a week, and if anyone gets further than the second qualifying round in Europe, it causes a big pile-up as we saw last year when TamU played four European ties.

So why not stretch things out a bit? At the very least, start in early April and finish in November. It’s getting warmer, and football should react appropriately to take advantage….


2 Responses

  1. Most small Bundesliga teams would really like to play a division with 20 teams and therefore play during winter break. I guess our big teams – especially Bayern – have way too much power and are way too modest changing anything.

  2. A common problem, that (big clubs having too much power).

    Jussi Jääskeläinen was very clear on this, saying that winter breaks were pointless because you lost your match fitness and then had to train twice as hard to get it back. Like getting an injury, he said.

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