Reasons to be cheerful? Honka swap Porokara for Vuorinen

Hongankolistajat, FC Honka supporters

My uneducated guess (I haven’t seen them play yet) is that Honka are going to be great this season. They were leading the league in 2006 until they sold Vuorinen for a big pile of money, now they have him back they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Losing Porokara is a blow, but he can be a bit inconsistent and it’s better to have Vuorinen scoring ugly goals than Porokara setting up beautiful misses.

Ladbrokes are currently offering Honka at 11.00 for the title, which might be worth a pound or two each way.

I haven’t yet talked about Haka, but they’ve been unimpressive in the two games I’ve seen so far. In the first they benefited from a KooTeePee sending off, and in the second they got done by Lahti in a smash and grab raid. They still have Cheyne Fowler, contrary to my earlier ‘news’, because Avellino do not want to commit to signing him until their Serie B future is secured. Once they’re safe they will open negotiations, until then Fowler will stay at Haka.


2 Responses

  1. That’s an interesting guess. I also haven’t seen any of their games yet, but the fact that they lost Janne Saarinen has made me doubt their success. He played a very important role for the club last season in both defence and attack.

    However, one man still doesn’t make a team… It will be interesting to see how these substitutions change their game.

  2. Good point about Saarinen, he leaves a big hole. I was pleased to see them play Jaakko Lepola against TPS, maybe he might rise to the challenge?

    Jussi Vasara also played against TPS, and he has managed to avoid the mop-headed curse of the Honka youngster. One to watch, I’m sure.

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