TPS going international with their tickets

I’m new to the blog. I live in Turku, so I will probably be writing about what’s happening around here. Of course I’m interested in the national team as well as the domestic leagues, so it’s not going to be just Turku I’m writing about. Anyway, feedback is very much appreciated, especially in the beginning.

The news around here today is that TPS are renewing their ticket selling. Last year TPS had crowds of 5293 on average, and according to chairman Petri Jakonen the ticket selling system got jammed before several fixtures.

Futis 011

TPS fans should have an easier time getting hold of tickets next season

TPS will be the first in Finland, I believe, to introduce a system common to numerous English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian clubs. Season tickets are now available only on the internet or at the club’s office. Tickets for individual fixtures are available only on the net and at the stadium on matchdays.

It is interesting to see if it works or not. Finns just love showing up 15 minutes before kick-off and standing in a long queue to get their tickets. People still take it for granted that tickets are available just before kick-off, so they won’t necessarily bother printing their tickets at home. As it is no more possible to buy a ticket at the local grocery store, it might be that the queues are even longer before the first few home fixtures of the season.

However, the system has advantages to it; if only people learn to print their tickets in advance, they can walk right in the stadium with no queuing. Besides, you get to pick your seat yourself, so you only have yourself to blame if you don’t enjoy the view.

W ith the “boom” going strong (the fan block now has almost 90 season tickets ordered, with the only way of promotion being word of mouth), selling tickets on the net is an idea worth trying. Hopefully there’s gonna be more people spending their time queuing up for beer inside the stadium instead of tickets.


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  1. Welcome to the blog Juha!

    Interesting move, this. Instinctively I think it should be as easy as possible to get tickets, and unless you’re selling out every game you can’t introduce something like this. But then maybe I’m wrong, and Finns will enjoy the technology. I see plenty of people who print off their train tickets at home.

    What will happen to the walk-up customers, btw? Will they be able to get in at all? Is it just a question of having to queue twice?

  2. Thanks!

    I agree, getting tickets should be easy. I think it is a good move to try dissolving the rush before kick-off time.

    Even if it’s possible to print the tickets at home, I think the club should pick at least a few stores where you could buy your tickets; Intersport and Prisma, for example. I don’t think the system would get jammed because of that.

    Walk-up customers can still buy their tickets before kick-off at the stadium (provided there’s seats left). I think walk-ups are one of the reasons behind this move; those who still want to show up as late as possible don’t have to queue up for long since most spectators have bought their tickets well in advance.

  3. I usually got to Veritas well in advance last season, half an hour at least, and rarely had to wait for more than five minutes in the que. The only time I got to the game later was the MyPa game and the que was enormous, although the game wasn’t even close to being sold out.

    The problem was that every ticket was picked and printed separetly by the staff and that takes time. Unless they change this, or people learn to show up a bit earlier, I doubt the new system won’t change things much.

  4. Yep, that’s the problem – come 30 minutes before kick-off and you can basically walk right in. Come 15 minutes before kick-off and you find yourself waiting in a line. I’m afraid that won’t change so easily.

    Well, with the season tickets it doesn’t seem to be that bad. It was reported yesterday that 300 season tickets have been sold, excluding firms. At this pace, there’s gonna be a new record come the start of the season. Maybe it’s gonna work after all…

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