It seems Inter have now joined the video era. It’s about time, because their promotion has been sub-standard for years – a statement most Inter supporters would agree with, I assume. They have tried tricks such as pre-match parachuting (!), fireworks, half-time penalty shots for spectators, letting women in for free and cheerleaders. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but none of those tricks helped raise the attendance figures. Now it seems they have decided to promote the game as well.

The coverage from Liigacup games is not perfect, but it’s not easy to do stuff professionally with one camera (no point bringing more cameras, take a look at the area around the pitch and you’ll understand). What’s exceptional about InterView is that it also covers Liigacup games – HJK TV does not do that, nor does TPS TV. It’s interesting to see what InterView will develop into once Veikkausliiga kicks off – the start is quite promising.

In general, very few Finnish clubs have video coverage available on their website. Launching a project like that is not free, but I’d imagine it would pay off. Besides, many clubs seem to have people within their personnel who could take care of the technical side of it. Everyone wants highlights, so why not give it a shot?


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