It’s been a while since I talked about crowd figures, and I don’t think we’ve done last year’s figures yet. Here they are:

2007 Attendances

Team Biggest attendance Smallest attendance Average attendance  
TPS 8011 3612 5293  
HJK 8733 3118 4848  
TamU 8828 1925 4117  
FC Honka 6657 1810 3934  
FC KooTeePee 3915 1915 2824  
FC Inter 4294 2141 2807  
AC Oulu 4036 1455 2725  
FC Viikingit 4255 1117 2526  
VPS 4491 1488 2350  
FF Jaro 5611 911 2338  
FC Lahti 5685 835 2292  
FC Haka 3552 1293 2024  
IFK Mariehamn 2519 1500 1809  
MyPa 2914 1068 1769  

No big surprises there. The clubs with the modern football stadia get the biggest crowds, and the league champions do alright. Of the top 6, only one plays at a ground with a running track, and they are the league champions so should be expected to get decent crowds.


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  1. I don’t know if you have heard about this but they are planning to build a whole new football stadium to Vaasa which would undoubtedly increase attendances in that region. As the main stand in Hietalahti is protected by some museum foundation they cannot really reconstruct the old ground.

    Also FC Honka is making serious plans to improve their stadium so that they could play their UEFA matches there. The chairman Harjunpää has visualised a ground with a capacity of 15 000 and Honka playing Champions League there but that’s madman talking. I thinki they are upgrading the stadium upto 8000 in the following few years and obviously building proper stands also.

    Talking about the attendances, every number under 1000 really is a disgrace for the Finnish game. The most remarkable thing is the FC Lahti attendances. A city of Jari Litmanen which used to be a proper football city when Reipas and Kuusysi both played in the top flight has really surprised me with such low crowds. But as one can see from individual matches the numbers are still there. The people in Lahti may abandon FC if Kuusysi (City Stars, 2nd division) and Reipas (SalReipas, 3rd division) get promoted to the 1st division. That should be interesting because many people didn’t like the idea of FC Lahti in the first place and wanted to see Kuusysi and Reipas instead.

    Fingers crossed that the overall average attendance in Veikkausliiga will be more than 3000 for the first time next year. With HJK being a stronger side this season this could really happen as I excpect to see even bigger crowds in Finnair Stadium next season (they really should have an average of 6000 at least considering the Helsinki area population, but this is Finland).

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