Mixu, father of a scotsman

I wonder what Jyrki Heliskoski makes of this story from the Scotsman?

Had it not been for his father bringing up the subject of his son after a business meeting in Scotland over 20 years ago then Mixu might now be here now. Neither is it likely that he would be the proud father of a son born – take note, George Burley – in Aberdeen. Joel, 15, could become the latest in the Paatelainen dynasty to make it as a footballer, and is currently training with Dunfermline.

I really hope Stuart Baxter is more attentive than previous Finnish managers (and journalists, apparently):

“He (my father) was a very big influence,” said Paatelainen. “He made me training programmes when I was younger, and came to matches and analysed them with me. He helped me through any dark times and came over to Dundee for matches. When I came to Dundee United I was dropped from the national team. One of the Finnish newspapers said that I had quit football and gone to Scotland to study, because at the same time I went to Dundee University to study economics. I was like: ‘what’s going on? I had a dream move abroad to be a professional footballer for a club who had just been in the UEFA Cup final and I am dropped from the Finland team, yet I was playing and scoring (for United].

“A couple of months later the national team manager came to watch me, and I asked him: ‘why did you drop me?’ And he said it was because he thought that I had quit. But I got back into the team.”

Mixu prefers Scottish players to Finnish ones:

Paatelainen likes discipline. He extols the virtues of Scottish footballers when compared to Finnish ones. “They are harder, and respond to set-backs better,” he said.


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