Hodgson ‘blasts’ Litmanen

I’m not really sure what Roy Hodgson expected, given Litmanen’s injury record, but he’s very angry that ‘the king’ isn’t playing enough for Fulham:

Hodgson’s team go to rock-bottom Derby in a must-win game tomorrow.

But despite Litmanen’s penalty in the 2-1 defeat in Bulgaria, former Finland boss Hodgson said: “He won’t be in contention because I have 25 other players out there training Monday to Friday with the team every week.

“Jari has not completed more than 10 per cent of the training sessions we have done since I have been at the club. He has not played one game in the Fulham shirt yet has played twice for Finland.

Strangely, his fitness periods seem to coincide with the Finland matches.

Hodgson has every right to be shocked by this turn of events, given that his previous employment offered no insight whatsoever into Litmanen’s injuries and passion for playing for Finland.


One Response

  1. I don’t quite get Hodgson’s thinking there. I wouldn’t be happy with a player not playing for my time, but Hodgson should know about the king. He didn’t play for Malmö, either, but he still joined the national team…

    I see know reason why Litmanen couldn’t play for Fulham. It seems like he can’t play 90 minutes, but he could still play 30-45 minutes and do it well enough. Well, that’s Roy’s problem.

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