Because I recently pondered why there weren’t so many Finnish-Swedish blogs about, I feel I should publicise a couple that have come to my attention. Svensk Finland is a welcome addition to the Finnish blogosphere, giving a view on current affairs from a Finnish-Swedish perspective. Not much about football there, but it’s well worth a look anyway and as an added bonus, is written in English. There are lots of sources on Finland in English, but new ones written by Finns are especially welcome.

Green Mean Machine has an excellent blog about football, and I heartily recommend it. It’s written by the IFK Mariehamn supporter’s group, but covers other stuff too.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link. Maybe some football will make its way in soon… maybe especially if Cardiff/Peter Enckelman win FA Cup! 🙂 I think this blog is great, very comprehensive.

    There are lots of Finland-Swedes blogging, but of course, almost all in Swedish. One of the best places to start looking is, although that’s mainly people in Österbotten as it’s run by their newspapers. Otherwise we’re spread out all over the international blog sites, so hard to find amongst the Sweden-Swedes.

  2. Crikey, there’s a thought. It’s amazing what players can do when they get a chance, I just hope Enckelman makes the Cardiff shirt his own now after his stop-start career in England so far.

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