2008 Veikkausliiga budgets

Nelonen news have dug out the budgets for this coming season, and once again TPS are right at the top. Here are the figures for the total club budgets:

TPS 2 300 000
Tampere United 1 963 000
HJK 1 880 000
FC Honka 1 820 000
MyPa 1 200 000
VPS 1 083 000
FC Haka 1 080 000
FC Inter 931 000
IFK Mariehamn 920 000
FC Lahti 869 000
KuPS 853 000
FF Jaro 851 000
FC KooTeePee 746 000
RoPS 650 000

And here are the playing and coaching budgets for each side:

TPS 1 300 000
Tampere United 1 025 000
HJK 1 000 000
FC Honka 1 000 000
MyPa 720 000
FC Haka 700 000
VPS 632 000
FF Jaro 625 000
IFK Mariehamn 535 000
FC Lahti 520 000
FC Inter 490 000
FC KooTeePee 413 000
RoPS 400 000
KuPS 375 000

No massive surprises there, but it’s interesting that things look a lot tighter at the bottom this year. Haka are a bit low, but it’s to be expected as UPM gradually reduce their commitment there. VPS would have to be the worst value for money, based on last season, but Tepsi might run them close….

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  1. […] best finances is TPS, unsurprisingly, as they also have by far the best stadium in Veikkausliiga. According to Nelonen’s sports news, TPS will have a 2008 budget of €2.3m, and city rivals Inter (who share the stadium) will spend […]

  2. […] best finances is TPS, unsurprisingly, as they also have by far the best stadium in Veikkausliiga. According to Nelonen’s sports news, TPS will have a 2008 budget of €2.3m, and city rivals Inter (who share the stadium) will spend […]

  3. The total budgets lie a bit, because clubs have differences as to whether youth teams are included and how many coaches they have etc. The player budgets might give a better picture.

    TPS cannot really capitalise on the advantage they get because they have the best stadium in the league, because the stadium is not owned by TPS. The stadium might attract few extra people to watch the games, but TPS don’t get a penny for people buying beer and hot dogs and what have you, so they actually lose thousands of euros a game.

  4. If that’s true, they’ve negotiated a terrible deal with the stadium owners. A reason to worry about Sairanen’s (unsustainable?) largesse, maybe…

  5. Actually, it’s not quite like that…

    Back when the new main stand was about to be built, Inter were #1 in Turku – keep in mind that TPS played in the First Division in 2001 and 2002, and their finances were saved by the ice hockey section of the club. Stefan Håkans was the man behind the stadium, and TPS didn’t have so much money so they ended up being tenants to the owners of the stadium. That is, they pay rent for the stadium and all they get in revenue is the tickets they sell. It’s other people who own the kiosks and the restaurants.
    In fact, there were rumours about TPS possibly abandoning Kupittaa and moving to Urheilupuisto because the rent was so heavy and they couldn’t keep the money from the kiosks. Ticket sales were not huge at that time. So they couldn’t really negotiate.

    After the Sydän Pelissä group, fronted by Seppo Sairanen, bought most of the club, the situation changed quite radically. TPS has become more popular in terms of attendance and nowadays they have money to play with. Obviously, they’re not happy at not getting anything but gate receipts as revenue for their home games. There’s been lots of rumours about TPS actually building their own stadium. The wildest thing I’ve heard is someone saying that TPS offered Håkans and other stadium owners a deal that would have given TPS 50% of the stadium, the price being considerable, but the owners couldn’t have cared less and the proposition ended up in the trash can. TPS were not willing to offer more money, so they are looking for what are called “alternative solutions”.

    But these are only rumours, mind you. I would say that things will change in a few years’, however.

    The stadium owners must be very stupid though if they let TPS go, because that would automatically half the number of events held at the stadium. I can’t imagine the stadium being very profitable even in its present state, nevermind the main attraction leaving.

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