Train kept-a-rollin’…

Finns adore the football culture in countries that have it. And they love reading stories about how their friends or internet pals have travelled to Sweden or somewhere to take a glimpse on the culture.

It’s not every week that football fans from all over Finland travel to see a game of their choice in Finland, though. Well, miracles do happen. Some 10 or more people are planning a trip to Turku on Sunday to watch the local derby between TPS and FC Inter. Someone is actually making a 450 kilometre trip from Kuopio.

It goes without saying that this is quite exceptional in Finland. I wish there would be more games in the country that would get the people going from all over Finland.

The derby seems to be selling out at the moment. Out of 6400 seats, some 4500 are sold. Add on to this the probable fact that hundreds of people will expect to be able to buy tickets at the stadium before kick-off, and we could see the stadium sell out easily.


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