Tepsi torn a new one

I was hoping for Juha to post some of his angst, pain and suffering, but it seems grief is a private affair. The Tepsi fans were not impressed with their side, turning their backs on the pitch and their banners upside down, while all the Inter fans in the stadium pissed themselves laughing. It’s amazing just how crucial Chris Cleaver is to TPS, without him they went to pieces. Chatto and Mäkitalo ran the show, and Furuholm finished well.

In other news, TamU messed up big time in Rovaniemi, putting Niemi in midfield with Hjelm on the left wing, and it did not work. This does rather make the TamU-Tepsi game on Thursday a little bit make or break for both sides, as losing it would mean falling behind HJK. HJK have had a tough start, squeaking home against MIFK and KTP, powerhouses of the Finnish game. If they can somehow squeeze a result from VPS and KuPs, they will stick two fingers up at the fixtures computer that has given them such a difficult season opening.

Highlights are here.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently emailed one of the candidates for this autumn’s mayoral election about his plans for the football stadia of Tampere. He has not replied, so maybe he needs a nudge. You can contact him here. And this is his election film:


6 Responses

  1. I had plans of posting, but I think the fact that you wrote it made the post better. I still can’t find the words, it was most awful as far as TPS were concerned.

    The game was over in 11 minutes after Cleaver was lost to injury and Inter went up by one. Wonder what’s gonna happen now, with Cleaver possibly missing the remainder of the season.

  2. TPS will be without any chances with TamU, in my opinion.
    Good job Egan with this site i interested in finnisch fotball and this site was what i needed (sorry for my english) cheers

  3. I wouldn’t say TPS are without chances, TamU have started their season craply too…Both sides need to improve a lot, however.

  4. Oh yeah, they can still do it. It’s just amusing that it has taken on the air of a relegation 6 pointer rather than a top of the table clash (if I may slip into cliches for a second). I have a HT piece about the derby to post up here on Thursday night, btw.

  5. Can you tell me how looks playing Lahti FC , does Lahti create a lot of attacks or they more defending team?

  6. I haven’t seen them play yet, but it rather depends on what team they play. I heard they improved a lot when Sadik came on last week, as Rafael was a bit isolated before. It’s early season, things haven’t settled down yet.

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