Third round of Veikkausliiga

Tampere United 1 TPS 1

Honka 0 RoPS 0

Inter 1 Haka 0

KuPS 2 Lahti 3



MyPa 3 Jaro 0

Click on the result to get highlights. Be sure to check out RoPS’s ridiculous green shirt.

Well, TamU messed things up a bit at the end there. They had looked a lot more stable with newly signed Iiro Aalto back from Cyprus, a left footed player playing on the left making the team much more balanced than they have been. Daniel Nwoke played very well, linking up play well and having a tussle with Kheireddine Zarabi that was very enjoyable to watch. They both played well, but I’d give the edge to the defender. Nwoke’s worth showed once he was brought off, however.

Up until that point, TamU had been able to break a few times through Rafinha, and Daniel had given the TPS defence something to think about. When he went off, the defence relaxed a little, while Saarinen failed to track the midfield runner for the goal. Poor substitutions from Hjelm, i can’t understand why he didn’t bring on James in the anchor man role and Jonne Hjelm as a fresh striker, rather than Niemi who was clearly quite tired by then.

The atmosphere at Ratina is much better now, at least in the main stand. Home and away fans are at either end of the stand and so far everyone’s been pretty loud. Even jaro brought a good following, including a capo who spent most of the match bellowing at his mates. I suspect this is at the expense of those on the ‘sunny side’, but with 12,000 empty seats it’s difficult to make everyone happy. Attendances haven’t been great, with a disappointing 3,956 at the TPS game. I think they may well suffer because of the sheer number of games to be played before the break for the European Championships. People just don’t have the time.

Elsewhere, HJK got a draw at VPS and will lick their lips with anticipation at the thought of taking on KuPS while Inter and FC Lahti destroy each others 100% records next Monday.


5 Responses

  1. TPS are running short of midfielders now, it seems Simo Valakari won’t be playing on Monday. What an awful challenge by Vili Savolainen, btw. Mika Ääritalo broke his wrist and we won’t be seeing him for a fortnight or so.
    A truly beautiful equalizer. TPS saw more of the ball during the second half, but they struggle creating chances. This could have been due to Mikko Paatelainen playing winger, a position that doesn’t suit him at all. Even Sarajärvi is supposed to be a defender, but he was told to play midfield and he ended up fronting the attack that led to the goal.

    HJK had all chances of running away from TamU and TPS because the Tampere result was exactly what they wanted. TamU and TPS must have enjoyed the news of HJK not winning.

  2. I’m not sure about that. If I was HJK I wouldn’t worry about either Tepsi or TamU, they’re both incredibly disjointed and struggling to find a decent system. It really does look like HJK’s to throw away at this point, and a draw from midweek trip to Vaasa isn’t too bad – TPS and TamU would both be very pleased with a result like that, I should think.

  3. Personally, I’m very happy to see FC Lahti doing so well early on. Usually, they peak much later in the season. I hope they can take confidence from this and the momentum generated can take them on and keep them up there. Let’s see what Rafael can produce.

    However, it’s going to take something akin to return of the King himself to really get amongst them in the league.

  4. hey
    Today we have two matches, very interesting in my opinion will be Jaro – IFK, Jaro have some score chances in last game and im very disappointed that, they dont score though one goal, they deserve for it. IFK strong performance in 2st half and they deserve to win at awful defensive KTP, i think that today we will see plenty of goals and i will support Jaro, what are u think about that game?

  5. IFK haven’t been too good recently, but maybe they can build on their strong second half showing against KTP, and they got a surprising win at MyPa. I have no idea there, to be honest – it will be a good indicator as to the kind of season both sides can expect.

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