FC Haka correction

It seems my introduction for the FC Haka piece relied rather too heavily on Aamulehti, the local Tampere newspaper. They started the week with an astonishing story by Esa Maaranen, stating that the chairman had resigned, the club was close to bankruptcy, and the players salaries were being cut. All of these things were denied by the club, and it remains to be seen what basis there was for that article.

With regard to the Jan Walden quote and the licensing system, there is nothing suspicious or untoward going on there. Here’s the opening couple of paragraphs I posted on Thursday:

The previous post was a bit premature, it must be said. Haka still have an appeal, and most people expect them to get their licence, but the whole affair does raise some questions. For instance, why has their budget been passed for Veikkausliiga competition but is apparently not fit for UEFA? Veikkausliiga chairman Jan Walden was asked by Aamulehti whether they’d been playing with a special licence under conditions, and what would happen to that licence now, and his reply was less than confidence-boosting.

“No they haven’t….no comment…I have to go now, bye bye,” said Walden.

Given that the league did indulge in a fair amount of cockswinging towards TamU, Honka and RoPS in the last round of licensing, it would be a bit rum for them to have simply passed Haka ‘with conditions’ without the public naming and shaming given to the others. I would even go so far as to say that it would defeat the entire object of licensing systems (to promote financial responsibility among clubs). But that is speculation, and we’ll see what happens next week.

Walden was asked two questions, and his response was denying that haka had a conditional or game-by-game licence, the second part was refusing to comment on the UEFA licence process (‘what is Haka’s situation now’), which is the responsibility of Finnish FA head honcho Pekka Hämäläinen. Walden is not allowed to comment on this, there was no evasion there and I’m sorry if I gave the impression there was.

Lastly, the UEFA licence covers a notional period that is 7 months longer than the Veikkausliiga season, because theoretically Haka could be playing in the UEFA Cup final next May. So that licence is considered 4 months later and looks at a longer period, so by necessity the conditions (if not the criteria) are different. Again, there’s nothing suspicious there. Of course, if by some miracle Haka were to even make it into the First Round of the UEFA Cup, that would go a long way to solving their problems, and ejection from Europe would make them a lot worse, but it’s a tricky situation for football administrators. They absolutely cannot be seen to condone any gambling on success, as it would encourage irresponsible behaviour among football club directors, and we all know they need no encouragement in that regard.


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