Stuart Baxter on Arto Nyberg

Stuart Baxter was on Arto Nyberg‘s chat show tonight. Nyberg has a standard format of three guests per show, and when they are not Finnish speakers they usually come on last, and Nyberg interprets after each answer. At least that’s what they did when beer expert Michael Jackson was on last year, but this time Baxter was on second and had to sit through Finnish Central banker Erkki Liikanen‘s interview.

There were a couple of interesting points. Baxter says he’s had ‘good conversations’ with Litmanen, Hyypiä and Jääskeläinen, and that he expects commitments from the latter two although they haven’t made definite decisions yet. On Litmanen he gave the impression that the decision is more finely balanced, saying that there would always be a role in the set-up for such a great player, but he wasn’t sure what that role would be. It could be leading the team, or it could be helping to bring on the youngsters, and Baxter wasn’t sure if he was going to build the team around Jari ‘one more time’.

As ever, you’re not sure who is making these decisions. If Litmanen declares himself available, he will play. The question is what role he is asked to perform. It would be dangerous to base an attacking strategy around Litmanen, given his declining fitness and record in the last year or two. You get the feeling Baxter wants to at least guard against this, and provide himself with another option, but the fact is that Litmanen, if fit, is the best striker Finland have. The question is how to plan for those times when he isn’t fit, and there may be a lot of those.

When pressed to name young players he wanted to bring on, the two he mentioned were Roman Eremenko and Veli Lampi. No surprises there.

Unfortunately Nuberg’s show is not available on the YLE website, but Baxter will be on Bettina on FST5 at 21:10 tomorrow. I’ll be in Valkeakoski, so you’ll have to try and watch that yourself, although I expect it will be in Swedish.


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  1. Hi

    Glad to see things are still ticking over nicely here. I check in regularly and it’s a great read.

    Thanks for linking to Hobo Tread in your sidebar, but could I inform you the site has changed name. It is now Dub Steps and at . If you could update your links I would of course be very grateful.

    Have a good summer


  2. Jos Stuart Baxter on Arto Nyberg, curious about to know whether Liverpool is Suomi.

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