Sounds of Valkeakoski

These are the sounds of Tehtaan Kenttä:

They usually play an incredibly annoying song from last summer. I will spare you that, not least because I don’t know what it’s called. Feel free to guess in the comments section.

Last night’s crowd was pathetic – just 2,200 for a derby at a club in dire financial trouble – but I’m not sure how critical you can be there. Even if 500 of those were TamU fans, that’s still 10% of the population of Valkeakoski. Yet more evidence of the fairly stark decline of FC Haka, that will surely accelerate in the coming years.

They are expected to get their licence this week, but the delay is a little bit difficult to explain. If, by some freaky piece of amazing good fortune, Haka were to progress in the UEFA Cup beyond the end of the Veikkausliiga season, they would have every company in Finland throwing money at them. This licence problem has taken up energy that could have been used to build for the future, but speaking to people at the ground yesterday it seems like long-term planning has not been a Haka speciality and this may serve as a wake-up call.


2 Responses

  1. 10% sounds like a lot, but I have understood Haka have some 4000 members (just something I’ve heard, no official stats that I know of to back my thoughts). Where are they?

  2. Who knows? I think this will continue to be a problem, as Valkeakoski is becoming more and more of a suburb of Tampere. 4,000 members sounds extraordinarily high, but I suppose if you include all the junior players in valkeakoski, and their families, you might edge towards that figure.

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