Veikkausliiga Round Five

MyPa 1 TPS 0

Honka 7 Haka 0

TamU 0 Lahti 2

KuPS 2 KTP 0

IFK Mariehamn 0 VPS 2

Inter 1 HJK 1

Jaro 1 RoPS 1

Click score for highlights.

TamU were awful yesterday. No drive, no hunger, no nothing. Alex Ferguson once said that he only had to look in a player’s eyes in pre-season to see if he still had the hunger required to play for Man United. It is clear that Ari Hjelm does not have this skill. TamU have good young players – Daniel, Järvinen, Myntti, Hynynen, Savolainen, Rafinha – but Hjelm doesn’t trust them. He plays old favourites out of position rather than revamp the team, and it is going badly wrong.

He has adjusted his tactics before, but this time it might be more difficult. There are established players with nothing to prove, and Hjelm has to motivate them or drop them. Pohja has played well recently, and Kaven is faultless as ever, but the other senior players need a bollocking and/or dropping.

Lahti played well, and Rafael was good. They brought a good following too, as ever.


5 Responses

  1. MyPa – TPS: it was 1-0.

  2. Good spot. Thanks!

  3. Hi Egan 🙂
    can’t wait my man for next preview from you 🙂 ,in my eyes tomorrow is a good day for betting, especially in Veikkausliga. 🙂

    Cheers and best wishes!! 😉

  4. I wouldn’t be quite so confident, but my rambling thoughts are now up there for you to read.

  5. Thanks again 😉

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