Baxter’s squad for the Turkey and Belarus games

As I predicted, Berat Sadik is in the squad for the Turkey and Belarus games. I’m possibly too excited about what this might signify. Baxter’s conditions for Litmanen’s continued involvement are surprisingly hard, as he has said that Litmanen will have to play regularly for a club side. The hope among everyone I know is that he will do this in Finland, as it may be difficult to persuade a foreign club to take a chance given his record in the last two years. He is genuinely loved here, and it might just be the preparation he needs to make a big contribution in the autumn internationals.

Sadik is big and strong and has good touch, he is everything you would want in a striker. That he has so far flattered to deceive is either down to coaching or motivation. It will be fascinating to see how Baxter approaches this, if he is serious about involving Sadik in the senior side.

Here is the squad (games/goals for Finland after each name):

Peter Enckelman Cardiff City FC 9 / 0
Niki Mäenpää FC Den Bosch 0 / 0
Otto Fredrikson Lilleström SK 0 / 0
Veli Lampi FC Zürich 5 / 0
Ari Nyman FC Thun 16 / 0
Toni Kuivasto Djurgårdens IF 70 / 1
Juha Pasoja HamKam 14 / 0
Markus Halsti Malmö FF 1 / 0
Hannu Patronen FC Honka 0 / 0
Niklas Moisander FC Zwolle 0 / 0
Toni Kallio Fulham FC 37 / 1
Joonas Kolkka NAC Breda 84 / 11
Markus Heikkinen Rapid Wien 34 / 0
Teemu Tainio Tottenham Hotspur FC 42 / 6
Roman Eremenko Udinese Calcio 7 / 0
Mika Väyrynen PSV Eindhoven 34 / 2
Alexei Eremenko FC Saturn 34 / 12
Jonatan Johansson Malmö FF 87 / 14
Mikael Forssell Birmingham FC 53 / 17
Jari Litmanen Fulham FC 112 / 30
Berat Sadik FC Lahti 0 / 0


6 Responses

  1. Yeah it’s good that Sadik’s in, but where’s Niklas Tarvajärvi? Unbelievable.

  2. I know nothing about him. IS he any good? Had a good season?


    Statistics not impressive, but on form recently.

  4. Heerenveen forward on loan to De Graafschap. Here’s a small clip of him in action.

  5. That film has several bits included seemingly because the commentator mentioned his name. I watched it and thought ‘agent’s video for a 2 goal a season striker’.

  6. Yeah, it might come accross like that but I’d like to point out that the montage was made back in March. Back then, Tarvajärvi had only started a few games for de Graafschap. From what I hear, he really hit it off later, at the playoff stage of the Dutch Eredivisie.

    IMO, Tarvajärvi is a player Baxter should take into consideration.

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