6th round of Veikkausliiga

FC Lahti – FC Honka 1-0
FC Haka – MyPa 0-3
KooTeePee – Inter 0-2
RoPS – IFK Mariehamn 3-1
TPS – FF Jaro 4-0
VPS – KuPS 2-0

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Inter go on undefeated, but a defeat today would have been really something because they played KooTeePee. In addition, KooTeePee had Tamas Gruburovics sent off before half-time. Inter went cruising after that and Henri Lehtonen netted twice in the second half to give Inter a 2-0 win.

Honka succumbed to a loss at FC Lahti. Berat Sadik scored the winner and Honka were unable to get an equalizer. They scored during the final seconds of the game, but the assistant had his flag up and Lahti got all three points. Honka have tough times coming up because their next game will be an encounter with HJK.

Haka are dealing with the crisis concerning their European spot. The team is naturally saying that the problem has nothing to do with what is happening on the pitch, but speculation must arise as they have not won in four games now. Despite the fact that Haka had chances, MyPa were not the nicest visitors as the clubs met. The result was a saddening 3-0 for the visitors and Haka now have an awful goal difference, 0-10, from their last two games. Moreover, the people of Valkeakoski are not really giving Haka a helping hand. Tonight they were only backed by a crowd of 1192 people.

VPS won KuPS 2-0 in what was a two-goal night for Jyrki Hietaharju. KuPS did their best after Hietaharju scored his first of the night, but the second goal in the 67th minute was enough to see off the challenge of KuPS.

Newly-promoted RoPS have shown they are no pushovers. Tonight they equalized in the 50th minute after IFK Mariehamn had gone up by one, and the last 15 minutes of the game provided enough time for RoPS to secure a win.

TPS came on top by a surprisingly wide margin as they beat Jaro 4-0. As a TPS supporter I must admit that the scoreline does not reflect the game too much. TPS were not convincing at all in the first half and had all reasons to enjoy getting an undeserved one-goal lead following Sami Rähmönen’s strike. They got their act together to some extent for the second half, but Jaro still had chances and could have drawn on many occasions. That never happened. Instead, Armand One scored his first of the campaign and provided chances for Kasper Hämäläinen and Mikko Paatelainen who finished the job.

HJK-TamU is the remaining game of the sixth round and will take place on Monday. The game is vital for TamU. Even if the silverware is kept hidden in a closet until late October, they only have three or four points after seven games if they lose or draw tomorrow. Besides, they have already played the biggest title candidates, TPS and HJK and are in trouble if they have won neither of the games. It’s only May, but seven games out of twenty-six is quite a lot.


5 Responses

  1. Haka played really well before the goal. They had good chances and Cheyne Fowler hit the bar with a brilliant overhead kick. Mannine and Popovitch are wonderful to watch when they want to dictate a game.

    But then the goal came, and they collapsed. Haka couldn’t really defend, and the goals were poor ones to concede. Dovbnya might want to look at himself there. Difficult to see where they’re going to get a win really – they will need some luck to repair their battered confidence, and if Manninen and Parviainen are inured (both went off today), they will struggle against Jaro and RoPS.

    Questions about TPS: how did Armand do, what was the atmosphere like, and did the crowd look as big as the figure announced (5,760)?

  2. Armand was great, as I said, scoring a goal and creating two. As expected, one goal was enough to boost Armand’s confidence, as he seemed very spirited after his first goal.
    I just can’t understand the referees though. Honka always had three players all over Armand and the ref always found One guilty of anything that happened. Tonight Jaro keeper Karnio actually hit Armand in the face, the only consequence being One getting a telling off from the ref.

    The atmosphere was quite OK. Jaro had a following of a little more than ten people, which is quite good considering the number of kilometres that they had to travel. The TPS fans were naturally boosted by the goalfest and were quite loud in the end, but it’s really about time they come up with some new chants.

    The crowd was not necessarily quite as big as announced, but I think there was at least 5000 people. The old stand was reserved for youth players 6-11 years old and home supporters, but I find nothing wrong with that. Even if they got in for free this time, the kids are those who might soon be pulling their dad’s sleeves begging to go see a game.

  3. Tomasz Sajdak(Poland) from my country 🙂 score hattrick for HJK today !!! 😉 Exellent!

  4. Hi
    Will be today some preview of 7th round? 🙂

  5. It’s up now Rukahs.

    Matek: he was okay, but an astonishing dive in the first half didn’t endear him to me. HJK have a LOT of good strikers, they could score a fair few goals this season.

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