There are a couple of new blogs I’ve been reading recently, and are well worth checking out. First up is Lisäajan Jälkeen, from Nelonen. There’s a great post on TamU’s problems, written by Ari Virtanen. It’s in Finnish.

Then there is Fjordball, the best english language blog about Norwegian football. Lars did a post about Juha Pasoja’s 45m wonder strike for HamKam, and the hyperbole with which it was greeted in the Norwegian tabloids. I can’t find the goal on youtube, but the pictures on the Dagbladet website are great. If you’ve ever thought that all Norwegians are tall, blond and beautiful, one look at the crowd shots will disabuse you of that notion. Great to see open mouthed anticipation at a football match, though.


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  1. meybe you have to offer some free online translators finnisch to english? 🙂 i search google all day and nothing find :/ sorry for ot

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