Eremenko Jr. caught drunk driving

Alexei Eremenko jr. will not be playing against Belarus on Monday after being caught drunk driving in Pietarsaari a week ago. The Finnish FA made the only right decision and put Eremenko aside for the match against Belarus.

That’s ugly enough already, but according to Iltalehti, Eremenko is whining about the situation.  He says he will not play in the national team for a long time. “There are good players who can do the job”, he says.
He has made an ass out of himself before and I wonder if he’s got limits at all. Anyway, it is too bad the national team has to suffer from what he has done. He did not even bother telling Stuart Baxter before Thursday’s match against Turkey – and he played crappily.

I hope he gets his act together, because he is undoubtedly a talent. However, I’m not too confident, knowing his background.

Other than that, Stuart Baxter has promised a decent show, according to today’s Turun Sanomat. It is a friendly, but the match still has some significance, given the fact that Baxter is still looking for his first win as Finland head coach and tonight will be the team’s first home appearance with him at the helm.

I am not sure if a stream is available, but for those in Finland, the game is on Canal+ at 7 PM (GMT +2). 


2 Responses

  1. Hi
    Do you know if Finland belarus match will be shown on some channel in Finland?

    I tried to find out it but no luck.
    It’s shown on belarusian tv, how could it be that there is no transalation in Finland??

    And i do want to see that match here…

  2. It seems it will be shown on canal+ fi :

    18.30 Jalkapallon EM-karsintastudio
    19.00 Maaottelu = match ?
    20.50 Jalkapallon EM-karsintastudio

    I hope it is the right match …

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