Suomen Cup sixth round

I’ve had really terrible luck with the Finnish Cup this year. It seemed like a great idea, back at the start of th season, to go to a game in every round, and follow the winners. Unfortunately, things like not-really-being-arsed-to-go-to-Hämeenlinna-on-a-Saturday-morning intervened, and I didn’t get very far.

This continued today, with me trekking half an hour across a rainswept Tampere city centre to see HIFK playing TPV-A at Pyynikki. Pyynikki is a classic old ground, with a wooden stand and grass banks behind one goal, but unfortunately I arrived 24 hours late. The game was yesterday, and HIFK won 5-4 on penalties. I missed PP 70 taking on LoPa, and losing 3-0, got piss-wet through, and didn’t even have the consolation of seeing Russia against Spain. There is a reason some people think Finnish football fans are idiots.

Tomorrow I hope to see Ilves against TPV at Tammela. Kick off is, I think, at 6:30pm, they sell beer, and the teams are well matched. If it isn’t postponed, and I don’t get struck by lightning, I will post my thoughts on the first ‘political’ Tampere derby I’ll have seen.


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  1. Hi . tomorrow I see very interesting match Lahti-TPS, meybe there are some news as for this match what, lineups, injuries? I think that both teams will play more conservatively(month break), but i dont know how about Sadik if he play (?) i see value on the home win..

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