TamU win sixpointer, look to Cup for European qualification

MyPa FC KooTeePee 2 – 0
FF Jaro HJK 1 – 1
RoPS FC Lahti 2 – 2
TamU KuPS 2 – 0
IFK Mariehamn FC Inter 1 – 1
FC Honka VPS 1 – 2

Highlights here

So, Tampere United got the win they desperately needed against KuPs. They absolutely dominated proceedings, with a number of chances cleared off the line before Jari Niemi finally bundled one home on 74 minutes. With a bit more defensive fortitude (not that they were especially short in that department) and calmer instincts in front of goal KuPs would have executed a perfect smash and grab raid, but they ran out of luck.

Both managers brought off their tricky foreign winger to chuck on a big lad up the front when things got desperate. For TamU it was understandable, as Rafinha hadn’t played that well and Henri Myynti has often caused problems when playing as a forward. For KuPs it was mystifying. Echiabhi Okodugha was their most potent threat, always involved when they got into the TamU half and absolutely dominating a very poor makeshift left-back in Sakari Saarinen. He missed a couple of chances, but set up Ilja Venäläinen on several occasions, only for the latter to be indecisive or muscled off the ball by TamU defenders.

The crowd was 2,811, a strange figure given that TamU claim to have sold 3,200 season tickets. It can be explained by the fact that Veikkausliiga recently decreed that attendances have to count only those who are actually at the games from now on, rather than the number of tickets sold, booked or given away. Honka had a very poor crowd of 1,700 for their game against VPS, possibly because this is the first game after the new rules came in.


5 Responses

  1. So Veikkausliiga has just recently decided that the attendance should only consist of those people actually at the stadium? It would be strange to change “the rules” in the middle of the season, because then the attendance statistics would not be comparable to previous seasons.

  2. I think the point is that the attendances will, from this point on, be comparable between clubs. Given the number of freebies floating around for Finnish games, the need for some kind of common system was obvious, as the clubs playing in bigger grounds in bigger towns tended to give away more tickets and could therefore claim bigger attendances.

    In Britain the attendance figure always includes absent season ticket holders and unused tickets, but the circumstances and business model is very different there. Finnish clubs want to be able to claim that the sponsor’s logos are seen by a lot of people, hence the UTV deal and the desire to claim large crowds. Which wasn’t fair on those clubs that did count only the attendees.

  3. Will be some previews for today 🙂

  4. Interesting news! When and where did veikkausliiga release that information? Couldn’t find any press releases or news items concerning this issue…

  5. I am not sure they did release the information, but my source told me that the meeting would decide that, as there wasn’t any strong opposition. I can check up on it though….

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