Lasha Chkhaidze

Just researching a story about football in Kajaani (keywords: smalltown rivalry), and came across this video of AC Kajaani’s Georgian midfielder Lasha.


6 Responses

  1. The obvious comparison is with Georgi Kinkladze, but his playing style is like George Best. It looks like he’s a superb dribbler and has a great touch, but from those clips I’d guess a lack of explosive pace and erratic end product are the reasons he is playing at that level.

  2. I think you’re exactly right. Explosive pace is not often necessary in Finland, and his team mates are very young so can be expected to carry his water, so to speak. He’s in the wrong group to get a move to a ‘big’ club though, Kajaani is part of the northern Finland section and not many scouts follow kolmonen.

  3. mkagarixar chxao mata

  4. ok, “not many scouts follow kolmonen” , but somebody can help him from internet…. mayby you can!!! after you watched his video???

  5. Let’s hope somebody can. I’ll try and do an interview with Lashe sometime soon.

  6. Hi! I’m friend of Lasha. he is in Georgia now and if somebody wants to have contact with him, I can leave his email:
    I know, that he is (was) talanted player,but his football carrier went in wrong way…! His main football problem was, that in his best ages(22-26) he hasn’t normal people (agents) around… and in that ages he was real candidat of Georgian national team,but…. Of course he can tell much more :))

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