European draws

The draws for the first qualifying round of the European competitions were made today. The Finnish clubs all have a good chance of progression. In the UEFA Cup Haka will play Cork City and Honka will take on ÍA Akranes of Iceland. Cork are a good side with a growing fan base and I expect them to give Haka a good game. O’Connells will be packed out that week, no doubt.

In the Champions League, Tampere United will play Budućnost Podgorica of Montenegro. They’ll need to be on top form against a team containing several Monetenegran Under 21 internationals. TamU’s will need to improve on their lacklustre performances so far this season if they’re not to come a cropper. If they manage to get past Buducnost, they will play Maltese champions Valetta or Slovakian student drama group Artmedia Bratislava.

One thing I am looking forward to is the arrival of Varvari in Tampere, if they turn up. I once saw two busloads of Partizan Belgrade basketball fans get a right shoeing from the Podgorica police, but Varvari were nowhere to be seen.


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  1. Good Draw for Cork City. Was your game against Rhyl a true reflection of the standard of FC Haka? If it is i expect to win well as Welsh football is a much lower standard than Irish Football

  2. I expect you to win well too. Haka only just got the UEFA licence this year because their finances are a bit shaky, and their team relies on their ageing Russian midfielder Valeri Popovitch. Stop him (as Rhyl did for 135 minutes last year) and you stop Haka, pretty much.

  3. Will many Haka fans come to cork?

  4. FC Honka v IA Akranes 🙂
    hope it is a good tie, info about IA in english is on my site

  5. City Fan: I doubt many Haka fans will go to Valkeakoski, never mind Cork.

    iauk: I hope so too! The Honka fans are very happy to have an easy draw, what do the icelanders think?

  6. You should also note that Popovitsh suffers from aviafobia, so not much chance of seeing him in Cork, I suppose.

  7. IA are having a bad season, in 11th place (2nd bottom in the league) out of cup, but i think they are saving themselves for UEFA Cup 🙂

  8. Is Popovitch Haka’s best player?

  9. Some say he’s their only player.

    I disagree, Manninen and Fowler are also important, but him not travelling to Ireland is a very positive point for you.

  10. City fan – don’t take this season’s Intertoto result against Rhyl as a reflection of Welsh football – there are many factors as to why Rhyl didn’t perform against Bohs.

    “Much lower” is quite an exaggeration from the football that I’ve seen sides from both leagues play.

  11. I used to live in Wales and the league is the equivalent of our amatuer Senior leagues of the 3rd division in Ireland

  12. Ha!!
    Get a grip of yourself man!

  13. … when you “lived in Wales”, which clubs did you go and watch to form such an opinion?

  14. 15 VARVARI will coming to tamere ,TO SUPORT FK BUDUCNOST.

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