Time to kiss Kasper Hämäläinen goodbye?

Urheiluviikko.net reported today that Kasper Hämäläinen is about to leave Finland. Here’s some quotes:

I will most likely move abroad during this season, provided there is a suitable club out there with the money needed to buy me.

I would like to go abroad to develop myself as a player. I’m not so young anymore, so this might be a good time to leave.

Hämäläinen signed a new contract last year. The contract expires no sooner than at the end of 2010, but I think it was clear to everyone that Hämäläinen will leave the club much before that. However, a move in the middle of the season would be a surprise to me, with Hämäläinen plagued by injury and his team struggling in Veikkausliiga.

Most likely, however, if he wants a transfer, he will get one if the price is reasonable. Over the years clubs like AC Siena, Udinese, Lazio, AS Roma and NEC Njimegen have shown interest in Hämäläinen. During the past few weeks Nacional have made clear their willingness to secure Kasper’s signature.

Hämäläinen’s departure would leave a pair of big boots for someone to step in at TPS, so they will be hoping that “Kappe” would stay until the end of the season. The article says that Hämäläinen is not interested in playing in Finland next year, however, so the countdown has begun.


2 Responses

  1. Next season will be interesting for TPS. Interesting and challenging both at the same time. Hämäläinen and Ääritalo will likely be gone and rest of the lot, well… not at least suitable for Martti Kuusela’s strategy or game plan (if there is one). So expect huge changes for 2009.

  2. Wherever he goes, I hope he plays some football. There are more than enough Finnish bench-warmers dotted around Europe already.

    As for TPS, I would argue that they desperately need an overhaul anyway. The money they chuck around Veikkausliiga this winter could be very beneficial to the rest of the clubs if they pay some transfer fees.

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