A trip to Jakobstad

Sebastian Mannström’s a very good player. He was a constant threat for Jaro, breaking from midfield and finishing well, and shows that it is possible to buy good players from the Finnish lower divisions. He signed in the summer from GBK, is only 19 years old, and will surely make money for Jaro when he moves on.

Jaro are a proper football club. They might play at an athletics track and only draw 2,000 or so to their games, but the crowds are tightly packed together and react like football crowds should, tutting and sucking their teeth when players start hoofing it forward and roaring encouragement when they pass the ball well.

VPS also brought a lot of fans, sang loudly and had some disagreements with the police in the second half. I heard a rumour that these were caused by some VPS fans wondering over to the Jaro fans section and stealing their flag, but I have no idea how true those rumours are.

Highlights here


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