Brazilian team gets warning and one player banned at The Helsinki Cup

I’ve been well impressed with the level of coverage of the Helsinki Cup in both Helsingin Sanomat and Hufvudstadsbladet. HS sponsors the tournament so that’s to be expected, but HBL’s Mia Welling has done a sterling job with features on Jockeys, a Brazilian team from Sao Paulo who beat Malmin Pallo Seura’s 14 year olds on Monday, and a piece in yesterday’s paper about clash of suburban girls as Tikkurilan Pallo Seura’s 11 year olds took on their counterparts from Tuusulan Pallo Seura.

Jockeys were easy 4-0 winners, but MPS had already played a game that day and so they tired easily. The Finnish players said that their opponents were very technical, but Finnish sides have better teamwork. The Finnish players liked the international perspective, and sounded excited to be part of the Helsinki Cup, which is bigger this year than it has ever been before.

TuPS beat TiPS 1-0, but as Welling pointed out the TiPS players were not bad losers at all. “It was really good fun to pay, and quite quick too,” said TiPS player Sini Lähde.

Unfortunately not everyone shares their corinthian spirit. Today’s HS tells us of the trials and tribulations in the 17 year olds’ section. Matoso, from Brazil, have received a team warning and one of their players has been banned for the rest of the competition after a karate kick to the chest on two different Haukipudas Pallo players. The referee didn’t see that, but he did see one of the HP players steaming in to get his revenge, an act for which the player got a red card. HS does not give the score of the game, nor who was awarded the Green ‘Fair Play’ Card in that match.

The article also stated that two people have been banned for racist acts, one player and one official. They were both Finnish. That’s not too bad a record considering there are 825 teams and thousands of players, and at least the Helsinki Cup officials are taking it seriously.


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  1. Hey man, really cool site, have learnt some cool stuff reading on here. Unfortunately my knowledge of the finnish game before today was Litmanen and Hyppia…

  2. I have been trying to find some news about Colégio Batista Female time players, that thay are the first Brazilian female time to get the forths of final on Helsink Cup on the last 30 years (since Helsin Cup exist). Somebody could tel us something about it and put some photos on the internet? I wil realy appreciate. My daughter is a player on Batista Female Time from Brazil. If it realy exist on internet, please let me know were to I can visit it. I saw only male players photos on internet.

  3. Batista Mineiro lost 2-1 to Esporte Uniao. That seems to have been the effective final, because Esporte beat MPS 5-0 in the actual final. Commiserations to your daughter and her team mates, I hope they had an enjoyable time in Finland anyway. If I can find any photos I will put them up here.

  4. I have been trying to find some news about Espoo girls team- my niece plays and she is 17 and scored 5 goals at least last week-

  5. I would like to know if somebody filmed the feminine teams’ games that one had the participation of the school Batista! Would it be possible to get a copy? At least of one of the games? I’m talking about Helsink Cup. Maybe Egan can tell me something. Tanks for your attention and sorry my englsh.

  6. sebastian: contact the club:

    Taurinho: i doubt anyone filmed the games, but I can investigate for you. Perhaps you could give a list of Finnish clubs they played against and I can ask them?

  7. Ok! I will appreciate but my daughter told me that she needs to arrive at home to tell me the name of times. So I will let you know it. Maybe it can be too late to you find any possible filme. Don`t worry about. If you get it fine, and if you need something from Brasil let me know ok? By

  8. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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