Veikkausliiga Round 12 (kind of preview)

TamU lost 2-1 to Honka yesterday, with King Henri Myntti getting the goal for TamU. I didn’t go, as i got drunk in the afternoon and managed to forget about it until it was rather late. Such is the Finnish summer. Sounded like a crap game, but at least the King is still scoring and will be difficult to drop for the game against Buducnost. I hope they have really small central defenders.

HJK v FC Haka

El superclassico magnifico, according to the Finnish media. Seppo ‘Sedu’ Koskinen, purveyor of alcoholic misery to every two bit hick town in Finland, has been active with Haka recently. He has money, which is good, but he has ‘new ideas’, which are very bad. I haven’t looked at the tabloids this week, but I shudder to think what ridiculous banalities he’s coming out with. I think HJK will edge it. It’s Juho Mäkelä’s second to last game before he goes back to Hearts, and he is bang in form and desperate to keep playing. Kalle Parviainen coming back for Haka is a plus, but Popovitch has not been great. I would expect Medo to run rings round him today.

IFK Mariehamn v FC Lahti

IFK are poor at home, but Lahti might be feeling fragile after last week’s last minute collapse at Haka. Ilkka Mäkelä and Rafael have important roles to play, as coach and senior player, and we will see what Lahti are made of today. Their quick passing and mobile midfield have the potential to demolish IFK, but then again their fragility when exposed to high balls into the box will be tested by IFK. Ingves, Ochieng, J. Carlsson, Norrmen, Sjölund, Blomberg, Binnion, Isaksson and Överström are out for IFK, Sassila and possibly Kärkkäinen for Lahti.

KuPS v FF Jaro

A must win game for KuPS. They could be without Sesay, and Jaro are very good on the counter. I go for a draw.


About as close to a local derby as RoPS will get this season, so maybe they will improve their poor away record. They will be without Mweetwa, VPS will be missing Ekström and Ylinen. I would love to see VPS start Ederho, he looks like he will terrify defenders with his pace when he finally gets a chance. If he plays with Jan Ahlvik, who is something like Henri Myntti up front, I can see the pair of them tearing Veikkausliiga defences apart. Ahlvik wins everything in the air and passes the ball well, if he had Ederho making runs off him he could be very good indeed.

FC Inter v MyPa

Inter really have to win this. They’re still unbeaten, but consistently concede late equalisers, and teams are closing in on them in the league table. MyPa are a tidy outfit but nothing that special, on the other hand they are probably better than the teams Inter have wobbled against recently. I tentatively predict an away win. This game is on Urheilukanava at 7pm on Monday.


I’d laugh my nuts off if TPS contrived to lose this one, but I can’t really see that happening despite the Tepsi tendency to provide entertainment for everyone in Finnish football, except their own fans.


5 Responses

  1. I recommend you read the leader column in todays (Sunday) Hufvudstadsbladet.

  2. Wow. That’s an astonishing article. It really is silly season right now, isn’t it?

  3. Ah come on…don’t leave us dangling…

  4. […] he would, he’s a smashing player and, these days, much more important to Haka than Popovitch. My prediction was that the ageing Russian would lose the midfield battle, but Haka coach Huttunen cannily avoided […]

  5. ‘football hooligans might eat your babies. or they might not. still, let’s be vigilant, heh?’ would be a fairly accurate summary.

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