Honka cruise past Akranes, Haka “stagger like 4am drunks”

Honka did the business in Vantaa, and should now have a routine trip to Iceland in two weeks. Koskela, Heilala and Otaru got the goals in front of a crowd of 2,300 at Pohjola Stadium. I’d love to see a team playing there at a higher level than Kolmonen, Vantaa is such a sporting desert at present and a team in Kakkonen could draw big crowds. HIFK, PoPa, Warkaus JK and KTP are currently getting decent attendances at that level, and you’d hope that Allianssi would too.

Haka started well in Cork, but could not withstand the pressure their opponents applied in the last half hour. Daniel McDonnell was not impressed with Haka, or Cork for that matter, bemoaning poor defending on both sides. Still, this is a better result than they managed against Rhyl last year. There are also reports in the Irish Times and on RTE.


2 Responses

  1. The thing with Vantaa is that those running Allianssi are too eager to get the team to Kakkonen. At the moment the reality is that Allianssi is in danger of relegating to Nelonen. And a fact is that nobody really relates to Allianssi.

    The problem is that they shouldn’t have built the Pohjola stadium to the western part of the town. I think there is much more potential in east with Tikkurilan Palloseura (TiPS) and smaller clubs like KOPSE, KoiPS, IVU etc. They only have one big club with lots of members in the West and that is VJS (currently playing in Kolmonen by the way).

    What really pisses me of is the fact that it seems that nobody knows how to run things in Vantaa. Ten years ago TiPS was playing in Ykkönen and there were talks about Veikkausliiga football. Then came AC Vantaa and took Tikkurila’s place in Ykkönen (Football Clubs in Vantaa unite for the first time at this stage). They dropped to Kakkonen and have now played few seasons in Kolmonen but are currently leading their group and could play in Kakkonen next season.

    When the new Allianssi was formed two years backwards they again took TiPS’s place this time in Kolmonen. TiPS was very close to a promotion to Kakkonen (where they played few seasons ago) but now they have to play Nelonen which really is an understatement considering how they got there (they luckily had a reserve team even in that level).

    What I’m trying to say is it should be TiPS or VJS playing in Kakkonen or higher and then the people would be interested. AC Vantaa nowadays is a pub team (really) and nobody really likes Allianssi and they are not going to get promoted.

    I might cover this thing more closely some time but as I’m myself involved as a player in one of these clubs mentioned I don’t want to draw too much attention with my comments as my club is a “reserve team” for Allianssi at the moment.

    For the record: Vantaa still has few very good youth teams occasionally. Few years back VJS won the Finnish Championship for U17. Most notable player in that team was the now FC Honka goalkeeper Tomi Maanoja. TiPS U17 team is currently playing in the SM-sarja and finishing third in the spring behind Pallo-Iirot and HJK. The problems is that after U17 there isn’t much to talk about and that is sad for a city as big as Vantaa.

    It says a lot that a “Pub team” is currently the best team in Vantaa. They won’t have enough resources to play in Kakkonen if they win the promotion this year.

  2. Thanks for the comment Elias. Very educational for people interested in Finnish football, facilities and decision-making. If this were a more corrupt country, people might investigate who built the stadium and who they bought the land from.

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