“A psychotic grinning parrot”

I have written one article for When Saturday Comes, the best English football monthly. It was about Finnish football, and tried to talk about the game here as one that is good fun to watch, easy to follow, and emphatically not run by idiots. There is one area in which the powers-that-be in Finnish football do their utmost to disprove that notion. That is the field of club badges, and it seems that WSC’s Howl email has discovered the rich comedic potential offered by Finnish clubs in this regard, as this week they featured KooTeePee’s awful bird. Here is what Cameron Carter had to say about it:

FC KooTeePee play in the Finnish Premier Division. They may have a funtime club crest and a baby gurgle name but they are a proper actual club, involving real actual people (this is evidenced by a fan photo on their website of two isolated young men slumped against a wire fence, one halfway through a pint of lager while the other sluggishly consumes a locally available confection). Focusing on their badge, we are forced to witness what appears to be a psychotic grinning parrot, whose skull has apparently been cleaved in two, chasing down a long ball from defence in its final agonised throes. Right-thinking people everywhere were brought up to distrust any institution that hides behind an anthropomorphised object or animal, especially one that is largely aimed at supplying a product to the adult population. Football is not a children’s toy, it is a dire necessity. No amount of fun branding can change that.


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