Stanley Festus Competition

The deadline has passed, and I think it’s about time a winner was declared. The standard of entries was very high, so I decided to post all entries here and let the art critics among my readers discuss and decide. You can just post a vote for your favourite entry, or a more detailed advocation of one or other of the pictures. I make no promises about abiding by the majority opinion. Here are the entries, all titles are the artist’s own:

Kale Tits game (A)

Kale Tits game (A)

Kale Spotted (B)

Kale spotted (B)

Kummola (C)

Kummola (C)

Kummola Ratinassa (D)

Kummola Ratinassa (D)


3 Responses

  1. all the drawings are cool…good job !!! never heard about this Kalervo Kummola but now I know what he looks like 😉
    Great work for the author of the drawing C !

  2. and the winner is…?

  3. After the overwhelming response, I will have to go with your suggestion and say drawing C is the winner.

    Apologies for the tardy judgement and delivery.

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