Viatcheslav Malakeev: Ykkönen’s answer to Iordan Letchkov

Viikingit midfielder Viatcheslav Malakeev

Viikingit midfielder Viatcheslav Malakeev

I went to Hämeenlinna on Tuesday to see Viikingit’s second defeat of the season. I’ve been there twice now, both times in very very wet conditions, and I can’t help thinking the ground will be very nice in the sun. If the sun ever shines in Hämeenlinna, that is.

The game was tight and tense but never free-flowing, and the wet weather helped the pitch cut up a treat. There were a lot of tasty challenges, and it was no surprise when Viikingit’s combover king Viatcheslav Malakeev was sent off for a second yellow card late in the game. He didn’t really deserve it, but there were so many late and potentially dangerous tackles going in that it was foolish to annoy the referee as much as Malakeev did with some world class moaning and bitching.

His haircut was what made him my favourite Viikingit player, though. In Britain footballers tend to go for ‘the Carsley’ as soon as they get little receders, to the extent that even Alan Shearer’s curly quiff was seen as a daring challenge to convention. The head gets shaved and nobody looks like Pirkanmaa’s safest driver Kimmo Sasi.

As a big fan of Iordan Letchkov, I applaud Malakeev’s courageous stand against the clippers, and wish more footballers would follow suit.

As for Ykkönen, well, great league, it’s got bald guys, and any two from Oulu, Viikingit and JJK to go up.


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