Finland 3 Germany 3

I’m working on something for another site that will be available here soon, but in the meantime William Moore has a good report over at Helsingin Sanomat’s English Edition. I (and maybe Juha, if he wants to) will edit this post accordingly later on today.

EDIT 1: Watch the highlights at 101Greatgoals, and tell me Klose’s third wasn’t offside. Go on, I dare you.


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  1. It’s hard to tell whether it was offside or not… at least from the perspective in the video…
    Anyway, funny game, Finland played really well in the first 60 minutes. Just too bad, that damn Klose didn’t play as usual…

  2. Yeah, it was a really good game. Väyrynen tiring was a problem for Finland, he is going to be immense if and when he gets regular football.

    There were 38 ZDF cameras there last night including one bang in line with the penalty spot. They should be able to clarify that very easily, and if they haven’t……..

  3. Good point. 🙂
    I wonder how Finland is performing when Tihinen and Tainio (and perhaps even A. Eremenko) are back in starting lineup. With this new attacking playing style they should at least not achieve goalless draws against crappy teams like Armenia (for example) anymore. If it will be enough to seriously challenge Germany and Russia (in the long run) remains to be seen…

  4. When I first saw this scene yesterday I was absolutely sure Klose was offsides. And I’m still.

    About the 38 ZDF cameras. You wouldn’t believe what a mess the game was. Compared to the commentators including Oliver Kahn and also including the director our German defense were in top shape. I think they didn’t show this scene not because it was offsides, they didn’t show it because they just were to busy doing something else.

  5. Ralf: I think there is every chance, but they will have to be at the very top of their game to get something in Moscow. Heikkinen was excellent in his role and there might not be any need to bring back Tainio, if I was Baxter I would consider keeping Heikkinen in just as a way of signalling that everyone is equal and good performances will be rewarded, but I think Tihinen will definitely come back.

    The interesting thing is that Hyypiä, Pasanen or Lampi will have to drop out for that, and on performance it’s difficult to decide which one. Lampi will probably be dropped and Pasanen moved to right back, as Lampi needs much bigger performances to dislodge one of the senior players. If Pasanen and Hyypiä are not playing for their clubs, and Veli Lampi is, then things could change based on the ‘Baxter doctrine’ as applied to Jari Litmanen: that players must be playing for their clubs to be considered for the national side.

    A Eremenko is in the wilderness and needs to make ‘major changes in his life’ before he comes back. I’d say Wales away in March was more likely as a comeback date for him.

    Jan: I cannot imagine what Oliver Kahn is like as a pundit. That knowledge has probably destroyed my Friday, I’m off to look for youtube clips.

  6. Well, the situation in the defense is interesting indeed. Once Tihinen is back, I would prefer Pasanen playing in right back because last year he rarely played central defense for Werder, but right (and even left) back instead. And he did it very well.
    At the moment he doesn’t play here at all (which I don’t understand at all), but I hope that will change rather soon. Werder’s defense is even more crappy without him.
    I don’t think that Hyypiä will sit on the bench rather soon. Unless he really never plays for Liverpool. And Lampi… well, his time will come sooner or later, I think it depends how long Hyypiä [and Tihinen] intend to play.

    As for Litmanen… personally I wish he retired. Yes, he is the best offense player, Finland ever had, but in the last three years he barely played several games in a row. I don’t think it’s a good idea to build a team around Litmanen, the Germany match has proven that the team is able to play decent attacking football without him.

  7. After digesting the game for a couple of days, I’d say Finland are off to a great start. Certainly they can’t concede three goals every game, but they scored three against Germany and Hyypiä is very unlikely to bring in a performance like that again. I’m Finnish enough not to talk about the World Cup, but I think if everything goes right Finland may well be off to a 5-7 point start.

    It’s interesting how the results changed as soon as things got serious. I mean, Baxter only recorded his first win a few weeks ago and Finland played really well on Wednesday.

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