Veikkausliiga players of the year

The Veikkausliiga players of the year have been announced. The players union choices are as follows:

Player of the year: Dominic Chatto (FC Inter)
Newcomer of the year: Aleksandr Kokko (FC Honka)
Referee of the year: Tero Nieminen

And Veikkausliiga selected:

Goalkeeper of the year: Patrick Bantamoi (FC Inter)
Defender of the year: Jos Hooiveld (FC Inter)
Midfielder of the year: Mika Ojala (FC Inter)
Forward of the year: Aleksandr Kokko (FC Honka)

At least Chatto and Hooiveld will almost certainly leave the country after this weekend. Big Swedish clubs are interested in them, and they have nothing left to prove in Finland. Hooiveld was defnder of the year in 2007 as well, and his career is very firmly back on track after considering retirement after his spell playing in Austria.

It’s good that Ojala is likely to stay. He is only 18 and has a lot to learn, and can become a very influential player in the next year or two. With Joni Aho staying at Inter as well, and presumably taking on a bit more responsibility in the absence of Hooiveld and Chatto, they have a reasonable chance at defending the title and having a crack at Europe.

Of course, this strategy is much easier when your senior players are in their early to mid 20s, and both Honka and Inter have exciting talents that they hope to keep in Veikkausliiga next year. It’s much better for the league to have star players who could sign for a big club at any moment than to have ageing stars who could retire at any moment.


10 Responses

  1. Jos Hooiveld —–> AIK
    Dominic Chatto—–> AIK, Malmö FF
    Tommy Wirtanen——> Örebro SK


  2. He will make a lot more money there, I just wonder whether that club, at this moment in time, is the right place for him. Their fans are quite demanding and the pressure is pretty big (according to the latest Offside, anyway). Hooiveld is a quality player and will dominate games in Allsvenskan, but he might have to move from AIK to find the right club.

  3. Mika Ojala is actually 20, and he’s already being watched by some foreign clubs. I wouldn’t be too surprised if goes to Netherlands, for example.

  4. Right you are. I think my confusion might come from his contract situation – he was on a youth team deal until recently, wasn’t he?

  5. Well, I´m not so sure about the money, but he will really feel that he´s playing football insteed of tackling around on finnish fields.

    About AIK, yes they are in some sort of crisis.. But I think after this season their feets will come down to the earth and they will have a bit humble attitude against the things they are doing.. But some say that they just got a year inbetween.

    In this Dominic Chatto case he should go to AIK. MFF got the Swedish international Daniel Andersson on his position and it would be quite risky to take his place. But Malmö is building their new arena so it would be great in that way. But AIK is always AIK, the biggest team in Sweden.

    hehe, well that´s all about that…

    ps. the Dutch league sucks in theese days. The Danish league has passed by the Dutch League, well in my opinion.

  6. Inter will not be serious contenders for the title this year unless they find proper replacements for Hooiveld (who is leaving 100% sure) and Chatto. Ojala and the likes have improved considerably under Dragtsma, but they would be nowhere near the title if it wasn’t for the foreigners. To add to their worries, Mäkitalo is rumoured to be on his way to Haka.

    Well, their scouting has always been good so it’s up to their dealings on the transfer market.

    (Actually, I’m not so sure if it’s the scouting or the contacts. Patrik Håkans hasn’t much credibility as a scout…)

  7. I would like to see the match again. Do you know if that is possible? I also would like to see the interviews again. The link on Yle Tv does not work on my computer (or all computers??)
    By the way: I think FC Inter knows very well what they’ve got to do to compleet the loss of Hooiveld and Chatto. It’s like always: Club has succes and players leave also because of that succes…

  8. Dominic chatto please try and sign for club in France,Italy and Holland to enhance your transition to nigerian super eagle.Defensive mildfield position might be yours in 2010 world cup

  9. I don’t think he’s quite ready for that yet. If he stays at Inter for another year he will leave to a big league and be one of the better players, if he goes now he takes a bit of a risk. His career development will be interesting to follow, anyway.

  10. Egan, he has to move now so that he can be consider for world cup 2010, the earlier the better.Nigeria has numerous players playing in big league, for fans to rate him they have to watch him playing week in week out in a better league.Look at Ogbuke is playing fantastic football with Hoffenhiiem in Germany after leaving Norway, Chatto need to do the same by moving to either France or Holland, for his career progression to Nigerian national team, Super Eagle.Egan pls reply.

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