HJK win cup

Here’s what Helsingin Sanomat has to say about it.

Pathetic attendance, due to the poor scheduling, terrible marketing and general disinterest in the worst of the Finnish domestic competitions. The League Cup at least attracts some interest because it gives an indication of how teams will play in the next season, whereas the Cup just gives a second chance to teams who aren’t good enough to qualify for Europe through the league.

I just discovered that the Finnish Volleyball Cup finishes a full three months before the end of the season, and is not always played in the same place. Maybe it’s time the HJK-obsessed people of Töölö had to travel to see their team win the game’s ‘showpiece occasion’. I can’t think of a stadium in Finland that could not have accommodated Saturday’s crowd, and I can’t think of a reason to keep this game as a home match for one club above all others.


8 Responses

  1. So why have you done nothing but whined about HJK lately..?

  2. Would you point out the sentence where the author specifically whines about HJK? I think we all agree, that the crowds have been poor, and that the choice of venue gives advantage to HJK whenever they play in the cup final. Or maybe it’s just you subconsciously associating HJK with SPL…

  3. I’m basically chanelling what HJK fans tell me about their club. Sakilaiset left the ground rather than acclaim their fourth place finish after the Lahti game, the team lost games at silly times this year, and they have too many players to use them all effectively. That they then get to play the Cup final at home, and attract only1/3 of their average home gate, is utterly ridiculous. It’s time for a change.

  4. And credit where credit’s due – I’m loving Mursu’s new shaving routine.

  5. but you have to put in mind that in the most countries, except England, Germany etc…, there is very few attendance on the cup final. You have to put that in mind before criticise HJK.

  6. 1. The should make the cup final a two tied game. Both of the teams the teams have a home game. Then there should be rules that if the teams are from the same city, one game would decide the cup. I’m certain that that would boost general interst and attendances.

    2. Played a lot earlier in the season. But that cover all Finnish football. The season should end 2-3 weeks earlier if not more. Play more matches during the summer when pitches and weather is ok.

  7. Egan there were alot of supporters in the crowd, and sakilaiset, forza and all the rest were finally in the same section. I don’t think that it is HJKs job alone to market the Cup final, and Tapiola is not that far away from Töölö 😉

  8. I didn’t say it was their responsibility to market it. There are a lot of problems with the competition and earlier scheduling and changing the venue of the final would, in my opinion, help a lot.

    My seemingly anti-HJK stance is prompted by their failure this season and the possible future significance it may have. Nothing more, nothing less – I am as interested as everyone else to see how (if) they react.

    Great news about Forza and Sakilaiset joining forces btw, they will have a great support if they keep that up. Particularly at away games.

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