Mika Ojala and Wilhelm Ingves on trial at Heerenveen

These are two of the brighter young stars of Veikkausliiga, and they’re both heading over to Trond Sollien‘s little Nordic colony in Eredivisie. I spoke to Ojala’s coach Job Dragtsma this week, and he understandably feels that it would be a little early for Ojala to leave Inter Turku, but of course it’s a possibility with the kind of highlight reel Ojala’s agent can put together. He scores some blinding goals.

Wilhelm Ingves is two years younger, was playing in the Third division two years ago for Lemlands IF, and has been on trial at Ascoli this summer. He plays for what looks to be an exciting Finnish under-19 squad, including Teemu Pukki of Sevilla. David Eriksson from IFK Mariehamn fan site Green Mean Machine caught up with him this week, and has kindly allowed me to translate the interview and post it here.

You’re going to Holland and Heerenveen on trial. How did that come about?

A Finnish scout watched the game against Turkey in the autumn, and he’s the scout for a Dutch agent. They want to draw up a contract with me, but I want to see what they can sort out first, before I decide anything. That’s how it came about.

Great! When do you leave?

I leave on Monday the 17th, and will stay for one week.

Are you going on your own?

No, Mika Ojala from Inter is going too. So I can train in Finnish again.

Yeah, it’s nice to have someone to travel with. What do you know about Heerenveen?

That (Kalmar FF midfielder) Viktor Elm is going there (in January) and that Mika Väyrynen plays there. And that they have blue and white striped shirts with little hearts dotted around.

Yeah, just now they have seven Nodic players, including the aforementioned Elm and Väyrynen. Moreover, they have a Nordic coach. Nordic players enjoy it there, and the club has a good eye for spotting them. Do you think that’s why Heerenveen showed an interest in you?

It could be that they scout more in Scandinavia that other clubs, and therefore have a reputation for handling us well. It’ll be fun to meet the coach, he has a good reputation from what I’ve heard.

If Heerenveen offered you a contract, how close to a move would you be?

There are a lot of factors at play. I have some school left, and high school graduation exams begin next spring. So I’d have to sort that out somehow. Then if the city, club and players are alright, it’d be fun to try out the professional game. It would also depend on what they offer in their contract.

So if nothing comes out of this with Heerenveen, there’ll be no panic for you?

No, there won’t be, I still have a year left. And in one year I will be finished with all my studies, which will be nice to have out of the way.

You’re not wrong there! So staying at IFK for next season wouldn’t be strange for you then? Or are there other clubs you’ve heard from?

I’d gladly play for IFK next season, just now I’m the only striker in the squad with a contract so it’s also quite appealing to do that. Nobody else has been in contact with me, but IS Veikkaaja (Finnish weekly sports magazine published by Finland’s largest tabloid, that has a lot of transfer news and rumours and this week said that Ingves was on his way to Ascoli for another trial) might know more than me.

Hehe…. If you have nothing to add, then we’ll say thank you for your time and wish you good luck in Holland!

Thanks a lot. I should say that I often read your site. The previews are good, I must say.

Thanks, and good luck….. if you go, bring us back a big bag of money!

Haha, I’ll do what I can. But that’s mostly up to (IFK Mariehamn club director Peter) Matsson.


3 Responses

  1. I really hope, that Ojala stays at Inter for one further year or two… better being key player in the Finnish top flight at his age, than being a rarely used substitute in the Eredivisie. Of course it’s also a financial issue, but he is still young and his best years are still ahead.

  2. no, go to groningen instead, no norweigan players, just Swedish 😀

  3. ojala moet gewoon naar heerenveen beste keuze!!

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