Tampere United v Artmedia Petrzalka preview

It’s unclear whether or not Mathias Lindström will play for TamU tonight. He has a calf injury, and Hjelm told the media that he might well miss out. That would put Kuoppala in the team, who is solid enough but not as mobile as Lindström.

That aside, it should be a good game. Artmedia have their own injury worries, as they will start without Karim Guede, Radek Dasoudil and Martin Mikulic. Also doubtful are Pospech and Durida. There are still tickets available, and the weather is hot but breezy, so with a bit of luck the crowd will be decent too.

If you are unable to get to Tampere today, Slovakian TV will be showing the game and thankfully a stream is available for the Finnish football community.

In other news, VPS left back Ansi Agolli has returned to FK Tirana on loan because his father is sick. His excellent form has been one of the bright spots for Vepsu this year, but he will be replaced by Polish full back Maciej Truszczynski.

There is an excellent piece on the Zambians at RoPS over at Zambian Football. I recommend it.